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--- 08.10.2016 ---

Ostgut Ton released a fantastic new Planetary Assault Systems album on double CD and triple vinyl a few days ago. It's called "Arc Angel".

Luke also performed a live set at Berghain last weekend - with Steve Bicknell supporting him on stage. 1,5 hours of pure techno and joy.

You find all infos, listen to 2 stream from the PAS album and watch a the29nov films video on NovaFuture Blog:

--- 23.06.2016 ---

Ostgut Ton just announced the start of a new sublabel called A-Ton which will be specialised in ambient stuff.

And the first artist with an album release on it will be Luke's project "The 7th Plain" releasing remastered and new tracks on "Chronicles I". Luke will perform under this moniker on the 14th August at Halle Am Berghain.

Btw they (the main label) will release a new PAS album in September 2016 - more infos asap.

Listen to extracts from "Chronicles I" below.

--- 22.06.2016 ---

Mote-Evolver continues the series called "Planetary Funk 22 Light Years" with the re-release of "Kat" plus a new remix by Josh Wink
Listen to extracts on Mote website.Visit the feature on

--- 22.06.2016 ---

LSD is another nice project just realised by Luke. It's a collaboration of Steve Bicknell, Function and Luke. They will perform together at Berghain on the 16th July 2016. But that is not enough. Luke will do also a performance as Planetary Assault Systems at the same event ... so don't miss it!

--- 14.06.2016 ---

Blue Print Records celebrates its 20th anniversary with the release of the compilation "Structures and Solutions: 1996 – 2016" which includes a track by Planetary Assault Systems.
Listen to the full compilation at FACT Magazine.Visit the feature on Fact magazine here.

--- 14.06.2016 ---

Mote-Evolver just started a series with classic tracks called "Planetary Funk 22 Light Years" including some fresh remixes. The first part is already out - having remixes by Phase and Ben Sims.
Find the snippets below.

--- 10.10.2015 ---

Ostgut Ton just released the anniversary box "Zehn" (see post below) and we didn't tell the complete truth ... there is a third track with Luke involved.
It's a collabortion with Marcel Dettmann using the pseudonym S/D. The track is called "The Launderette" - find the snippet below.

--- 09.10.2015 ---

A very talented guy from Germany took some new press photos for Luke. His name is Paul Krause and his pictures are amazing.

Visit his website and his artist profile on facebook.

--- 08.10.2015 ---

We are sorry... for sure you missed some news here.

Ostgut Ton, the techno label connected with Berlin's Berghain celebrates its 10th anniversary and will release a big compilation containing two tracks by Luke Slater.
So the box with 10 vinyl and the 2xCDs will have the track "Roller" by L.B. Dub Corp feat. Function, remixed by Len Faki. You can listen to the snippet here.

The second track is an unreleased Planetary Assault Systems masterpiece called "Hama Static" - that an excerpt you can hear below.

--- 11.02.2015 ---

Luke's very own label Mote-Evolver will release a new Planetary Assault Systems EP at the end of February.

The Fact Magazine already has the stream of the main title "The Eyes themselves" ...

More about this EP can be found on NovaFuture Blog.

--- 09.02.2015 ---

CLR, the label owned and run by Chris Liebing, just released an EP by Drumcell which is called "Departing Comfort" and contains a remix by Planetary Assault Systems.

Listen to an extract of this remix here ...

--- 16.10.2014 ---

On Token Records there will be compilation called "Aphelion" which will contain a new track by Planetary Assault Systems. The track has the name "The 808 Track(Parts 1 and 2)".

More about this compilation can be found on NovaFuture Blog.

--- 15.10.2014 ---

Marcel Dettmann, resident of Berghain and label mate of Luke Slater (via Ostgut Ton), released a remix EP with Planetary Assault Systems remixes on his own label MDR a few months ago.

Full details, previews and some fan videos can be found on NovaFuture Blog.

--- 19.02.2014 ---

Ok a bit late... many stuff are out now. So there is a new EP by Planetary Assault Systems out on Mote-Evolver, "Future Modular".

The second big, big thing is that Luke started his own podcast called "The Spacestation" in January - listen to the first 3 episodes below.

Full details and previews of new EP can be found on NovaFuture Blog.

--- 14.10.2013 ---

The first full-length album by Luke's L.B. Dub Corp project is coming soon - but Ostgut Ton already has the single "Turner's House" so you can get an idea how it sounds like.

Full details and previews can be found on NovaFuture Blog.

--- 30.08.2013 ---

Luke is really a busy man. Travelling around the world to dj and still time to create some new techno bombs. So he will release on his own label Mote-Evolver a new EP. It's called "No Exit" and contains the three tracks "No Exit", "Undertow" and "Nanendi".

Full details are available on NovaFuture Blog.

--- 28.08.2013 ---

Ostgut Ton will release the first album by Luke's pseudonym L.B. Dub Corp. The title is "Unknown Origin" and it will be available from the 11th November. It will include two co-operation: one with Sandwell District man Function and one with dub poet Benjamin Zephaniah.

Here is "Turner's House", one of the album track, in full streaming.

Full tracklisting and more details are available on NovaFuture Blog.

--- 21.03.2013 ---

Oops sorry a little bit late...

Stroboscopic Artefacts (label run by Lucy) released 2 new L.B. Dub Corp tracks on the split EP "Stellate 4" avialable as nice metal box. Check all infos on

2nd news about L.B. Dub Corp is a remix for The Black Dog released on " Darkhaus Vol. 1" - out via Ostgut Ton's sublabel Unterton. Infos and preview can be found on NovaFuture Blog.

--- 26.10.2012 ---

Yeah... Planetary Assault Systems' Deep Heet Vol. 3 is coming soon. Check all infos and previews on NovaFuture Blog.

--- 28.08.2012 ---

Luke is offering one of his famous set for listening and downloading - recorded at Fabric London. Do it via NovaFuture Blog.

--- 12.07.2012 ---

There are now two great video by the fantastic the29nov films for 2 of remixes of P.A.S. classic track "Function 4". Check them out on NovaFuture Blog and more about and from the29nov films.

--- 29.06.2012 ---

Busy? More than just busy, eager beaver? MOTE-EVOLVER will release the second package of remixes for P.A.S. classic "Function 4" - with remixes by Marcel Dettmann, Shifted and Lucy. Check all infos plus previews via the posting on NovaFuture Blog.

--- 28.06.2012 ---

He is such a busy man. There is another P.A.S. out on the real underground techno label Token Records.Check all infos plus previews and videos (by the amazing guys of the29nov films) on NovaFuture Blog.

--- 14.05.2012 ---

After 2 remixes for Octave One (one under Planetary Assault Systems and a second one using his real name) another P.A.S. remix is coming on Chris Liebing's CLR label. This time it is "Man Made Machine" by Motor featuring Martin L. Gore and will be released on a limited one-sided picture disc. Release date is the 28th May. Infos and preview etc can be found here.

--- 08.03.2012 ---

Luke Slater aka Planetary Assault Systems also did a new remix of the track "White Light" by Function & Jerome Sydenham - out now on Ibadan Records. Tracklisting, previews and more of the full release can be found here.

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